Economic Exploit Analysis
An estimated $300 million has been stolen via flash loan attacks in 2023
In the first half of 2023 alone, an astonishing $207 million was stolen via flash loan attacks. In these attacks, hackers leverage flash loans to borrow substantial funds and manipulate DeFi protocols into unexpected states that developers may not have anticipated. Flash loan attacks can drain the entire TVL of a DeFi protocol, and their complicated nature combined with DeFi’s composability means these attack vectors often evade conventional audits.
Recognizing the importance of mitigating these hacks, Quantstamp partnered with researchers to turn their research into a production-level automated tool to detect flash loan attacks.

We are excited to add Economic Exploit Analysis to our suite of services, a reflection of our commitment to securing the web3 landscape. Our team uses the tool to uncover flash loan attack vulnerabilities in a client’s code, whether it's already launched or yet to be deployed.

With a mission to secure the future of web3, we're proud to launch a tool that will benefit the entire DeFi ecosystem and ultimately reduce both the number of flash loan attacks and the overall funds lost to hacks.