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Leading Blockchain Projects Work With Quantstamp

"When developing our Plasma MVP Implementation, we wanted to have strong security guarantees. As a scalability solution, our plasma implementations could potentially be handling massive transaction volumes. Quantstamp has audited large-scale, mission-critical initatives in the past, and working with Quantstamp was an obvious decision to make."

Vansa Chatikavanij CEO at OmiseGO

“Quantstamp was great to work with. They were professional and efficient when working with us to make sure that our production contracts were secure. Their comprehensive analysis resulted in an easy to use audit report that showed where things could be improved and ultimately gave us confidence in our smart contracts.”

Mick Hagen Founder & CEO

“Quantstamp’s audit process was comprehensive and streamlined. They provided thorough feedback in addition to an audit certificate and auditor’s opinion letter that gave our stakeholders confidence in our smart contracts.”

Noah Thorp Vice President of Engineering, Sharespost

Quantstamp Security Network V2

Scan Your Smart Contract for Vulnerabilities

Simply log into Metamask, authorize QSP, and purchase a security scan from our global network of Quantstamp security nodes.

Earn QSP

Set up and run a node on the Quantstamp Security Network and earn QSP for scanning smart contracts through the node.

Expert Security Audits

Expert security audits for blockchains and mission critical systems

Quantstamp conducts smart contract and front-end audits in order to enhance the security of your decentralized application. We have experience with platforms including Ethereum, Binance Chain, Hyperledger, EOS, and Corda, and languages including Solidity and Vyper. We also audit new blockchains and languages.

Learn more about our process by clicking on the button below.

Our most popular audit reports:

24/7 Security Monitoring Software

Blockchain security does not end after a smart contract is published. Malicious actors can still attempt to game your contract and hurt your bottom line. Use our security monitoring software to detect suspicious activity in your smart contracts including:

• Changes in smart contract ownership
• Changes in token supply
• Overflow and underflow detection
• Other attempts to game your contracts

Be proactive with your blockchain security by subscribing to our state-of-the-art monitoring software today.

Full-Service Blockchain Solutions, Consulting, and Security Audits

  • Deliverables
  • Project Consultation & Scoping
  • Business Use Case
  • Technical Design
  • Technical Roadmap
  • Implementation
  • Successful Deployment
  • ExpertSecurity Auditing
  • Revenue Results

Project Scope and

3 months

What is your blockchain strategy? We will evaluate your business and help you understand which blockchain use cases are an ideal fit for your company.

Technical Design

3-6 months

We employ leading architects with expertise in formal verification techniques and security who have built enterprise grade systems.

and Integration

3-6 months

After understanding how blockchain technology can best support your business, we will develop the technology and assist your engineers in integrating it from front-end to back-end.

Expert Smart
Contract Auditing

2-4 months

Have you already developed a smart contract or blockchain solution? Contact us to get a white glove audit from the leading security experts in the field.

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