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We provide verification that your web3 system works as intended.
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Smart Contracts are not secure
Blockchains and smart contracts are vulnerable to hacks.
Money lost due to bugs and hacks
$8B+ has been lost due to vulnerabilities and exploits.
Quantstamp identifies vulnerabilities and solves them
Let Quantstamp identify vulnerabilities and exploits.
Our most popular audit reports
Quantstamp is the leader in web3 security
  • We have secured over 200 billion USD worth of value.
  • Our peers trust us to secure Ethereum 2.0.
  • We have a top team of PhDs and security professionals who have a combined total of over 3800 Google Scholar citations.
  • We secure any blockchain client software or application written in any language.
Expert audits for decentralized systems

We will make sure your blockchain system works as intended. Our team will not only identify security vulnerabilities in your systems, we will work alongside you to solve them. We provide security that addresses the entire lifecycle of a project.

What we work on

We secure software incorporating web3 technology including blockchain clients, DeFi and NFT applications, user wallets, and more. 

We have audited numerous blockchain systems including Ethereum 2.0, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Flow, Cardano, and have secured successful cutting-edge applications such as Maker, Curve, and OpenSea. We audit software written in any programming language including new languages specifically written for blockchain applications such as Cadence from Flow.

We are interested in the most challenging projects. If you are building something, we’d love to learn more.

Leading web3 projects work with Quantstamp
Proof-of-Stake Ethereum, Solana, Flow, Cardano, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Near, Hedera Hashgraph, Tezos
Maker, Curve, Aave, Lido, Polygon, Compound, Arbitrum, Chainlink, SushiSwap, xDAI, Rook, BadgerDAO
OpenSea, Beeple B.20, Illuvium, Axie Infinity, NBA Top Shot, SuperRare, Decentraland, Zora, Arcadeum
VISA, World Economic Forum, GMO Internet Group, Government of Dubai, Siemens, Toyota

What our clients say about us

"As we build blockchain experiences that thrive in the mainstream, alongside thousands of talented independent builders on Flow, Quantstamp is bringing to the ecosystem the high-quality security and code review their firm has long been recognized for. Quantstamp will no doubt be an important part of Flow's continued scaling and success."

Roham GharegozlouCEO at Dapper Labs

“Quantstamp's ability to quickly produce comprehensive and insightful audits has proven them to be an invaluable partner for our grantees. The importance of the extra layer of due diligence they provide can't be overstated.”

Richard Brown Former Head of Community Development at Maker

"When developing our Plasma MVP Implementation, we wanted to have strong security guarantees. As a scalability solution, our plasma implementations could potentially be handling massive transaction volumes. Quantstamp has audited large-scale, mission-critical initatives in the past, and working with Quantstamp was an obvious decision to make."

Vansa Chatikavanij CEO at OmiseGO

“Quantstamp ensured that our contracts met the highest standards of security through their excellent audit process. They worked hand in hand with our engineers to make sure our smart contracts were as safe as can be and their recommendations helped improve the quality of our code.”

Omri Ross Chief Blockchain Scientist, eToro

“Quantstamp was great to work with. They were professional and efficient when working with us to make sure that our production contracts were secure. Their comprehensive analysis resulted in an easy to use audit report that showed where things could be improved and ultimately gave us confidence in our smart contracts.”

Mick Hagen Founder & CEO, Mainframe
Our process:
Step 1
You will have an initial meeting with a Quantstamp business lead and lead auditor.
Step 2
After receiving all necessary documentation and artifacts, we will assess the workload and provide a quote.
Step 3
Once accepted, 3 - 4 of our auditors will independently review your code and documentation. They will check whether the code conforms to the provided specification. They will also perform automated analyses on the code, run the test suite, and measure test coverage.
Step 4
Our auditors will then discuss any differences in their findings and come to consensus on solutions and recommendations.
Step 5
Our audit lead and business lead will communicate with your team if we need any further information.
Quantstamp Verified security certificate
Keep your funds safe. Protect your reputation. Add the value of trust to your smart contract project.

Our quotes and turnaround times vary according to the codebase’s length and complexity.

Click Request a Security Audit below and fill out the form with details about your project’s website, links to your source code, and documentation to receive a quote.

We provide confidential initial reports, web hosted public final certificates for easy sharing with stakeholders, and also formally written letters for compliance departments to confirm the results of a security audit.

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