Frequently Asked Questions

Quantstamp Security Auditing Protocol

Quantstamp is a protocol for securing Smart contracts. We are focused on securing the Ethereum application layer.

Quantstamp is securing Ethereum. We will be offering a unique suite to enable Smart contracts by launching:

– A decentralized network that uses validator nodes to achieve consensus and verify transactions
– A security library for Solidity, the programming language
– An implementation of the Quantstamp API for Ethereum
– An adaptable, modular, platform-agnostic design

In the future, Quantstamp aims to expand our security library to support programming languages other than Solidity, and the Quantstamp API may be implemented for other platforms.

Not everyone. We will keep you posted as the token presale continues. Stay informed on our Telegram channel.

Read Richard Ma’s post regarding the pre-sale here:

The total cap for the pre-sale is $11 million. It is divided as follows, according to Proof-of-Care.

Caring level 1 ($3M): 1 ETH = 10,000 QSP
Caring level 2 ($4M): 1 ETH = 7,000 QSP
Caring level 3 ($4M): 1 ETH = 6,000 QSP

The total cap for the main round is $19 million.
The main round will take place this November.
Quantstamp prioritizes the blockchain community and announced Proof-of-Caring as a philosophy that extends beyond logistics. We view it as our key to our long term success. Every pool, investor, and individual – no matter how large – must demonstrate Proof-of-Caring to participate in the token presale. We are not offering special discounts to investor pools as our main motivation is generating long-term support from a community committed to supporting Quantstamp.
We will be starting the KYC process beginning the week of October 16, 2017. To ensure legal compliance, we will be announcing instructions as soon as possible. We will first reach out to those who have demonstrated Proof-of-Caring to initiate the process recommended by our US and Canadian legal counsel.
There will be an individual cap on contributions during the main round. The cap depends on the number of participants on our Whitelist. There will be no bonus during the main round. More information will be announced as part of the due process for a token sale.
The minimum contribution for the pre-sale is 0.1 ETH.
To participate in the token presale, we require everybody to join our community group on: Telegram
At the moment, we regretfully must exclude nationals of the People’s Republic of China. Current regulatory conditions prohibit participation in the token sale.

QSP token

QSP is the abbreviation used for Quantstamp’s token.
The total supply of QSP is 1,000,000,000 tokens.
Our legal counsel are confident that the QSP token will not be considered a security. More details here

QSP Token Launch and Fund Use

Developers, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Organizations and Individuals using blockchain. Specifically, those utilizing Smart contracts and Ethereum. Smart Contract makers will use Quantstamp as a validation tool. Secondary customers will look for Quantstamp to ensure quality control.
Quantstamp is currently auditing Smart contracts through engagements with select partners. You may check out our production roadmap to learn more about when and how services and offerings will be rolled out. Please join our Whitelist to receive more information when it becomes available Here
The QN is used for performing security audits. It uses automated reasoning tools from formal methods and software verification.
We are developing a modified Ethereum client that monitors for Quantstamp transactions, carries out the security audits, and helps to achieve consensus.
You can download our whitepaper by visiting Relevant code for the platform is available on Quantstamp’s Github page.
Please submit this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.