Quantstamp Community Update - September 2019

Quantstamp Announcements
October 1, 2019

Securing #DeFi, the latest Forbes Tech Council article, and more.

Here’s what’s been going on at Quantstamp in September:

Disruptor Daily 

We’ve been featured in Disruptor Daily - a website highlighting practical blockchain use cases and companies using blockchain technology in the real world.

In the interview, Quantstamp CEO Richard Ma explains Quantstamp’s mission and how we use blockchain to help scale smart contract security. He also shares some of the impressive use cases we’ve seen and been a part of, such as alleviating poverty with transparency and working with the World Economic Forum to reduce corruption in corporate procurement. 

Disruptor Daily also kicked off their inaugural Blockchain in Cybersecurity Use Case Awards, and Quantstamp is a finalist. Read more and vote for us here - voting is open until October 9.

Securing DeFi

We continue to work with top #DeFi projects to help secure the future of finance. In September, we audited PoolTogether’s new 2.0 pools. PoolTogether is a no-loss lottery that uses interest from DAI savings to generate winnings. PoolTogether 2.0 allows users to keep their funds in Pooltogether across pools, effectively creating a gamified savings account.

Besides PoolTogether, we also worked with Binance again to secure BEP3 atomic swaps on Binance Chain (used by Binance DEX). These atomic swaps are being used to allow for token swaps between Binance Chain and Ethereum. The BEP3 improvement is incorporated in the Archimedes upgrade of Binance Chain on testnet and is planned to be incorporated soon into mainnet. These projects, and the other DeFi projects we are working with, are building a new, decentralized ecosystem of financial services and products that serve users better than existing products from centralized entities.

DeMarchi Jersey Auction Successful

This month, a digital auction secured by Quantstamp of blockchain certified memorabilia was successfully conducted. BlockStar worked with DeMarchi, an iconic cycling brand to sell a blockchain-certified replica of Fausto Coppi’s 1953 De Marchi Jersey for $10,500. 

Quantstamp helped secure the components and the website used to conduct the auction. Read more about the auction here.

Quantstamp in Forbes

As part of the Forbes Tech Council, CEO Richard Ma recently published an article on Forbes about the positive social impact blockchain technology is making. Richard explains how blockchain is improving accountability at charities, reducing administrative costs, providing financial access to the unbanked, and more. Read the article here.

DevCon Osaka

Devcon V in Osaka is coming up! Our CEO Richard Ma will be joined by our whole Tokyo based team. We are so excited for the Ethereum community to see the tremendous growth Japan has brought to the space.

On the second day of Devcon, catch Quantstamp Security Researcher Yohei Oka speaking on a panel with ConsenSys Diligence, OpenZeppelin, ChainSecurity, as well as the Ethereum Foundation hosted by Researcher Dean Eigenmann.  We will be in Hall D - Oct 09, from noon to 1:15pm. Later that day, from 6 -930pm, we are co-hosting a blockchain researcher focused meetup with our friends LayerX and MythX

Lastly, as a lead into Devcon, our Community and Communications person Jaye Harrill will be helping to moderate a special ETH2 episode of Hashing it Out with Security Researcher Dr. Corey Petty. This will be the perfect listen for a crypto native audience who hasn’t yet looked into the expected upgrade. Expected Air date Oct. 3 2019  https://thebitcoinpodcast.com/category/podcast/

Waterloo Blockchain+Security Workshop

Next week, we’ll be speaking at the Waterloo Blockchain+Security Workshop in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Speakers include CEO Richard Ma, Co-Founder Steven Stewart, and Waterloo professors Vijay Ganesh and Raouf Boutaba. Many of our engineers studied at the University of Waterloo, so this is a special event for us. 

Register here, spaces are limited. 

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March 31, 2020

Quantstamp Joins MyID Alliance

Quantstamp is proud to join the MyID Alliance, a Digital ID initiative by ICONLOOP. As the world moves towards more online and less face-to-face interactions, Digital ID will be a key enabling technology. 

March 24, 2020

Market Dynamics of the 1st bZx Hack: Flash Loans and the Insolvent Loan

In this series, we describe the market dynamics of the 1st bZx attack so we can avoid attacks with market manipulation components in the future.

March 13, 2020

Top 3 DeFi Trends

This post discusses how flash loans, zaps, and DeFi aggregators are leveraging composability in order to simplify the user experience and ultimately make DeFi markets hyper-efficient.

March 11, 2020

Bringing Bitcoin to DeFi

DeFi is blockchain’s first killer app, with assets locked up approaching $1 billion USD. But one major asset is missing: Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not only the first crypto asset, but the largest - with over $168 billion USD of Bitcoin in circulation it has deep pools of liquidity. It is one of the least volatile cryptocurrencies and has a large network of fiat on and off ramps. All these properties make it a great crypto-collateral. We think Bitcoin has the potential to transform the DeFi landscape as the most widespread and liquid asset available today.