Quantstamp Community Update - October 2019

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November 1, 2019

Devcon Osaka, working with MetaCartel, UWaterloo Blockchain+Security Workshop, SF Blockchain Week...it’s been a busy month.

Here’s what’s been going on at Quantstamp in October:

How to Use Defi Safely

#DeFi is the latest trend in Ethereum. Decentralized finance products like Compound Finance and dYdX allow you to save money and even earn interest on it using distributed apps running on the decentralized Ethereum protocol. The best part is that these products have no barrier to entry and are often even easier to use than traditional financial services.

DeFi is very cool - but is it safe to use? Just like any other online application, security is essential. In this article by our security researcher Poming Lee, we explain steps you can take to use DeFi applications safely.

DevCon Osaka

Devcon V in Osaka recently finished. DevCon is the biggest official Ethereum conference of the year, organized by the Ethereum Foundation. 

We spoke on a security panel, organized two events, and met many great projects and friends. 

Security Engineer Yohei Oka spoke on a security panel with ConsenSys Diligence, OpenZeppelin, ChainSecurity, as well as the Ethereum Foundation hosted by Researcher Dean Eigenmann.  

We also co-hosted a blockchain researcher focused meetup with our friends LayerX and MythX. The event featured a number of high-quality research topics on blockchain security. 

After 4 days of amazing talks, great events, and discussions, we’ve never been more optimistic about the future of Ethereum. 

Securing DeFi

Quantstamp is in the process of auditing rDAI. rDAI allows users to re-direct interest earned from DAI staked in DeFi protocols without requiring the underlying collateral to ever leave the user’s wallet. This has the potential to create ‘programmable interest’. Quantstamp has sent the initial audit report to rDAI and we are waiting for them to respond with fixes. 

This audit is particularly special to us because it was funded by the MetaCartel DAO, a distributed organization focused on funding and incubating early stage web3 use cases. Helping DAOs, DeFi applications and other Dapps helps improve the decentralization of the ecosystem and we look forward to working with more DAOs in the future. 

University of Waterloo Blockchain+Security Workshop

Security Research Jan Gorzny presents at the University of Waterloo’s Blockchain Workshop

From October 5-6th, Quantstamp Security Researchers Jan Gorzny and Martin Derka presented at the University of Waterloo’s Blockchain+Security Workshop. The event was research focused. Jan presented on general issues and concerns for blockchain security and how they may be overcome, while Martin spoke on specific smart contract vulnerabilities involving Fairwin and Fomo3D. 

San Francisco Blockchain Week

We are now at SF blockchain week, where we’re meeting with friends and partners, as well as giving talks. If you see us, say hello and you may be able to get a limited edition Quantstamp T-shirt =).

Smart Contract Security Alliance 

In October, we announced the founding council for the Smart Contract Security Alliance, an organization dedicated to furthering education and standards for blockchain security. The Alliance now counts Fujitsu R&D, MythX, NRI Secure, NUS Crystal School of Computing, LayerX, and BlockGeeks among its members. We will be releasing further content from the alliance soon. 

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