Quantstamp Community Update - November 2019

Quantstamp Announcements
December 5, 2019

ETHWaterloo, Disruptor Daily Award, Forbes and more. Here’s what’s been going on at Quantstamp in November:

ETHWaterloo Hackathon

From November 8 through 10, our engineers hacked at ETHWaterloo, a blockchain hackathon organized by ETHGlobal. We looked at issues involving decentralized finance applications, exploring decentralized security issues in this new breed of applications. 

Disruptor Daily Cybersecurity Awards 

We won Disruptor Daily’s award for blockchain cybersecurity!  Disruptor Daily is a media site and podcast covering how blockchain technology is disrupting existing industries and changing the world. Voted on by readers like you, we’re thankful for your help in highlighting our work in securing blockchain applications with decentralized technology. 


As a member of the Forbes’ Tech Council, Quantstamp CEO Richard Ma recently published an article in Forbes highlighting the current and future applications of blockchain technology for enterprise companies. He mentions some interesting use cases including using blockchain systems to eradicate "blood diamonds," reduce counterfeit products and innovate within the auto industry. . In the article, Richard covers some of the potential benefits and pitfalls of these business use cases, and also explains how businesses can test the waters first. 

Smart Contract Security Alliance Member Spotlight

We are proud to be a founding member of the Smart Contract Security Alliance, an organization dedicated to pushing forward standards in blockchain security. This month we interviewed fellow Alliance member MythX, part of Consensys Diligence, the smart contract security arm of ConsenSys. Tom Lindeman talked about how Consensys Diligence got started, early days of MythX, and how it is evolving to meet the needs of the ever-changing blockchain ecosystem. Read more in the insightful article

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March 31, 2020

Quantstamp Joins MyID Alliance

Quantstamp is proud to join the MyID Alliance, a Digital ID initiative by ICONLOOP. As the world moves towards more online and less face-to-face interactions, Digital ID will be a key enabling technology. 

March 24, 2020

Market Dynamics of the 1st bZx Hack: Flash Loans and the Insolvent Loan

In this series, we describe the market dynamics of the 1st bZx attack so we can avoid attacks with market manipulation components in the future.

March 13, 2020

Top 3 DeFi Trends

This post discusses how flash loans, zaps, and DeFi aggregators are leveraging composability in order to simplify the user experience and ultimately make DeFi markets hyper-efficient.

March 11, 2020

Bringing Bitcoin to DeFi

DeFi is blockchain’s first killer app, with assets locked up approaching $1 billion USD. But one major asset is missing: Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not only the first crypto asset, but the largest - with over $168 billion USD of Bitcoin in circulation it has deep pools of liquidity. It is one of the least volatile cryptocurrencies and has a large network of fiat on and off ramps. All these properties make it a great crypto-collateral. We think Bitcoin has the potential to transform the DeFi landscape as the most widespread and liquid asset available today.