Quantstamp Community Update - March 2020

Quantstamp Announcements
April 3, 2020

Bitcoin on DeFi, joining MyID Alliance, Tribe Accelerator and more. Here’s what’s been going on at Quantstamp in March:

Bitcoin on DeFi

DeFi is blockchain’s first killer app, with assets locked up approaching $1 billion USD. But one major asset is missing: Bitcoin. We’re excited to be working with some of the top projects that are working to bring Bitcoin to the DeFi ecosystem: RSK, Echo, Atomic Loans, Hashflow, and Kava (mentioned in previous month’s updates). 

RSK is the second layer, smart-contract protocol for Bitcoin. It adds additional functionality to Bitcoin, allowing for a whole range of more creative and sophisticated use cases to be built for Bitcoin in a trust-minimized.

Echo is another approach to running decentralized applications that interact with the Bitcoin network. It uses a pegged sidechain which uses its own “Proof of Weighted Randomness” consensus model designed to minimize the trust required in the network. 

Atomic Loans is developing a cross-chain protocol for non-custodial Bitcoin-backed loans. Users can borrow Ethereum-based USD stablecoins while locking Bitcoin as collateral natively on the Bitcoin chain.

Read more in the post - Bringing Bitcoin to DeFi.

Joining the MyID Alliance

We’re officially a part of the MyID Alliance, a digital ID initiative based out of Korea. The MyID Alliance is a digital ID initiative with a large ecosystem of financial institutions in Korea, including Samsung Securities, Shinhan Bank, and more, spanning fintech, banking, e-commerce, etc. 

Korea has recently passed comprehensive cryptocurrency regulation. This regulatory clarity paves the way for blockchain technology adoption in the country, and joining this alliance helps us help the country get there. Read more in the post

Top DeFi Trends

Flash loans, zaps, and DeFi aggregators are leveraging composability in order to simplify the user experience and ultimately make DeFi markets hyper-efficient. Read more in Top 3 DeFi Trends.

Learn About Rollups

No, not the fruity kind. Optimistic and ZK-rollups are near-term scalability solutions for Ethereum 1.0. Instead of waiting for ETH 2.0 to be deployed, rollups technology allows applications today to scale on Ethereum.

While powerful, rollups are difficult to understand. In this video from Quantstamp Blockchain Research Jan Gorzny, both Optimistic and ZK-Rollups are explained step by step. 

Tribe Accelerator

We were recently accepted to Tribe Accelerator, Singapore’s government-supported blockchain accelerator. 

Tribe is a growth-focused focused accelerator that will help Quantstamp gain traction by connecting us to a network of global corporations, government agencies and top blockchain companies. Tribe’s official partners include BMW, ConsenSys, Intel, Nielsen, R3, and more.

Wearables and Medical IoT Interoperability and Intelligence

Conferences are moving online. Our Senior Research Engineer Sebastian Banescu recently spoke at an online conference under the IEEE umbrella. He spoke on Blockchain and Smart Contract Security in Practice will help the next generation of wearables and Medical IoT devices leverage blockchain securely.

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June 2, 2020

Quantstamp Community Update - May 2020

Auditing ETH 2.0, Gitcoin NYBW Hackathon, Solidity Summit, here's what happened at Quantstamp in May.

May 28, 2020

How to Be an ETH 2.0 Validator on the Topaz Testnet

The Topaz Testnet is a public Ethereum 2.0 testnet created by Prysmatic Labs. It is a testnet version of Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 which is planned to launch on mainnet later this year. Anyone can participate in the Topaz Testnet as a validator, and this article will walk you through the process.

May 22, 2020

Smart Contract Audit Cost

Quantstamp conducted over 120 audits and secured 2 billion USD worth of digital assets since we were founded in 2017. The purpose of this post is to explain the audit pricing process for potential clients.

May 18, 2020

Securing Your DeFi Project Starts with Quality Testing

Tests are undervalued. Quantstamp secured over 2 billion USD worth of digital assets since 2017. Through our experience securing smart contracts, we noticed that developers highly underestimate the importance of test suites.