Quantstamp Community Update April 2019

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July 23, 2019

New hires, hackathons, winning the Smart Dubai Global Blockchain Challenge - a lot has been happening at Quantstamp. Here’s what’s been going on:

New Hires

We recently hired Joshua Hannan as a part-time security auditor. Josh co-founded Modular Inc, an Austin-based Ethereum development consultancy which designed and built libraries for the Ethereum ecosystem. Before Modular, he worked at IBM as a system verification engineer, and interned at Apple. Joshua received his bachelors in computer engineering from Purdue University.

Sherry Chen is working part time from the Japan office, helping out our Japan team. She’s currently doing a Masters in Engineering at Tokyo University. Before Tokyo U, she was a senior consultant with IBM Global Business Services.

Taishi Masabuchi is also helping out our Japan office part-time. Taishi previously worked as a content marketer and translator for Consensys, editor for Cointelegraph Japan, and as Chief Blockchain Editor at The Bridge, a leading Japanese tech publication that recently covered Quantstamp. Taishi is an incoming transfer student to the University of San Francisco in Computer Science and Economics, and will be helping our San Francisco office later this year.

Smart Dubai Blockchain Challenge

We were proud to have won the Smart Dubai Global Blockchain Challenge 2019. Organized by Smart Dubai and Dubai Future Accelerators, the Smart Dubai Global Blockchain Challenge is part of the government’s Blockchain Strategy 2020, where blockchain will be used to enhance the quality of life of its citizens. The challenge was part of the Dubai Blockchain Strategy which aims to make Dubai the first blockchain-powered city by 2020 and the global capital of blockchain technology.

As one of 20 shortlisted startups, Quantstamp Head of Business Development Don Ho flew to Dubai to pitch Quantstamp blockchain solutions at the Future Blockchain Summit. Read more about the event or watch Don’s presentation on Facebook.

Assurance Protocol

We released more about our developing Quantstamp Assurance Protocol. Together with our team of contributors, Quanstamp co-founder Steven Stewart wrote an Introduction to the Assurance Protocol, and Research Engineer Jan Gorzny gave a technical look at how the Assurance Protocol works. Both articles explore the concepts underlying our proposed Assurance Protocol, which aims to address post-deployment smart contract security.

Helping Ethereum Scale

Part of the reason we work to scale smart contract security is that we believe scalability is key to the future of blockchain technology. We recently released a post explaining the work we did at ETHDenver related to ETH 2.0. The Beacon Chain is a fundamental part of the next version of Ethereum, acting as a coordination layer. A fundamental capability of the Beacon Chain is to randomly select the next block proposer. Quantstamp engineer Poming Lee explains how this is done in the article.

NUO Network Audit

We recently audited NUO Network, a decentralised debt network to enable global lending. Backed by Consenys Ventures, NUO provides a non-custodial way to lend, borrow or margin trade crypto assets. All user funds are locked in smart contract based accounts without Nuo Network having any direct or indirect access to those funds.

Besides NUO Network, we also audited V1 of Lendroid. Similar to NUO Network, Lendroid is a non-custodial lending engine powering the world's financial services on the blockchain. Quantstamp audits aren’t a simple one-pass check of a project’s code, but rather a back-and-forth between us and the project team to make sure their code meets our standards. Lendroid’s recent blog post on their V1 release explains more about how we worked with them to enhance the security of their protocol.

For more information about our audit process, or to get an expert smart contract audit from us, visit our audit page.

ETC Labs

Our Head of Global Partnerships, Krishna Sriram, spoke at ETC Labs’ event Showcas(ED), an event featuring top projects in the blockchain industry. He spoke about our mission to help blockchain technology achieve mainstream adoption through scalable security.

Decrypt Tokyo

From June 8th to 9th, we will be hosting Decrypt Tokyo, a 2-day blockchain hackathon which will be held in Japan’s capital. Sponsored by blockchain startups including Quantstamp, as well as enterprises. Decrypt Tokyo will bring together 100-150 participants who are passionate about learning Blockchain technologies. Find out more on the official website.

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We are hiring for a variety of positions globally. Check out our careers page.

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September 5, 2019

Securing DeFi with PoolTogether

Quantstamp is facilitating the future of DeFi by enhancing the security of leading open finance projects like PoolTogether, a no-loss lottery and innovative savings account application.

September 3, 2019

Quantstamp Community Update August 2019

Quantstamp Security Network update, releasing our Bounty Protocol, speaking at DEFCON- it’s been an exciting month at Quantstamp.

August 21, 2019

EthBerlin Security HelpDesk Details, Security Award & Hosted Points Bonus from Quantstamp + MythX

Quantstamp and MythX are very excited to support EthBerlin this year. If you're participating, come find us at the HelpDesk, your one-stop resource for any security-related inquiries. Need suggestions on more secure code implementations or advice on mitigating certain vulnerabilities? The HelpDesk is available round the clock to offer guidance and assistance throughout the hackathon.

August 19, 2019

What is a Re-Entrancy Attack?

Computer scientists say that a procedure is re-entrant if its execution can be interrupted in the middle, initiated over (re-entered), and both runs can complete without any errors in execution. In the context of Ethereum smart contracts, re-entrancy can lead to serious vulnerabilities.