Quantstamp Enterprise Solutions

Fast, high-security blockchain implementations with enterprise features

  • Establish
  • Project Consultation
    & Scoping
  • Business Use Case
  • Technical Design
    and Architecture
  • Technical Roadmap
  • Blockchain
  • Successful Deployment
  • Security
  • Revenue Results

Project Consultation
& Scoping

3 months

What is your blockchain strategy? We will consult with your executives and stakeholders to evaluate which blockchain use cases are an ideal fit for your company.


Technical Design
and Architecture

3-6 months

After understanding how blockchain technology can best enhance your business, our engineers design the software and provide you with detailed documentation.


Blockchain Implementation

3-6 months

After we deliver the design, we work with your team to implement the software from front-end to the networking layer to the back-end, with a security-first approach.


Expert Security Auditing

2-4 months

Our leading security experts in the field use our software-driven approach to perform a rigorous auditing process on your blockchain implementation to prepare it for launch and future iterations.

Express Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Fast, efficient, software-enabled solutions for your enterprise blockchain. We help your team and executives with your blockchain goals from idea to launch.

Quantstamp for Enterprise

•  Mature solutions for enterprise blockchain applications
•  Over $5B in digital asset risk protected for leading companies
•  Completed end-to-end implementations in the automotive industry, real estate, manufacturing, governments and NGOs


Fast Implementations for Enterprise Blockchain

We offer blockchain design, implementation and deployment for enterprise clients.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

From provenance to certificates of authenticity, we ensure the design and deployment of these mission-critical systems are tamper-proof.



Our expertise in authoring Vehicle Identity Standards for GM, Nissan, and Renault will drive the future of mobility in areas such as autonomous vehicles, usage-based insurance, and car sharing among others.



We work with leading exchanges such as Binance, eToro, and Sharespost to secure billions of dollars in transactions. We help shape the future of payments, settlement, trade finance, and securitization.


Customer Retention

From loyalty points, user journeys, to referrals, our clients benefit from our knowledge of deploying loyalty systems for millions of people.

Security for Exchanges

We understand how mission-critical it is to protect your customer's funds.
Our work includes:

•  Auditing all ERC-20 tokens on Binance immediately after the
  discovery of the underflow/overflow vulnerability
•  Auditing the Binance stablecoin for the Binance Chain
•  Creating eToro's token on Libra
•  Security monitoring processing 5 million transactions/day for exchanges


Leading Team

•  CEO - Wall Street Developer for Mission-Critical Systems
•  Senior PhD security leaders with over 1,000 research citations
  and deep security industry expertise
•  Alumni from Visa, Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon,
  Goldman Sachs, MathWorks, Plug and Play, Tower Research


•  Securing the decentralized internet
•  Strong global customer base of 120 companies
•  We work with our customers to scale without worrying about hacks
•  Mature solutions for enterprise blockchain applications

Domain Expertise


Fast, high-security blockchain implementations with enterprise features