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What is the Quantstamp protocol?

The Quantstamp Protocol is the foundation of blockchain security. To scale the auditing of smart contracts we first scale the availability of complex scanning tools for developers. Auditors use non-trivial tools that require extra time, special configuration and expertise to use. Checking in-development smart contract code is simple and quick with the Quantstamp protocol. We aim to develop new analysis techniques with our foundational decentralized network.

Betanet UI
Scan a Smart Contract
Users upload or paste code into the Quantstamp smart contract security validation product

Users pay QSP tokens to scan smart contracts with off-chain computation from scanning nodes. Nodes then bid to audit the contract. In return, users get a line-by-line breakdown of the code’s potential vulnerabilities, along with recommended fixes.

Quantstamp MachinesApply to Become a Node Operator
Global off-chain auditor nodes bid for the right to audit the contract

Auditor nodes run the Quantstamp protocol to check smart contract code for all known vulnerabilities. The protocol currently uses Oyente and Mythril analyzers, and Quantstamp is also exploring other analyzers to add to the protocol in the future.

Users get a detailed breakdown of their smart contract security along with recommended fixes.

The protocol consists of two parts:

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An automated and upgradeable software verification system that checks smart contract code such as Solidity programs.

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An automated payout system that rewards human participants in QSP tokens for finding errors in smart contracts. The purpose of this system is to bridge the gap while moving towards the goal of full automation.

Quantstamp's Applied Technology Services
We Provide Full Service Blockchain Solutions, Consulting and Security Audits
Project Scope and Discovery
Project Scope
and Discovery
What is your blockchain strategy? We will evaluate your business and help you understand which blockchain use cases are an ideal fit for your company.
Smart Contract Guidance and Creation
Blockchain Technology Integration
After understanding how blockchain technology can best support your business, we will develop the technology and assist your engineers in integrating it from front-end to back-end.
System Design and Architecture
System Design
and Architecture
We employ leading architects with expertise in formal verification techniques and security who have built enterprise grade systems.
Expert Smart Contract Auditing
Expert Smart
Contract Auditing
Have you already developed a smart contract or blockchain solution? Contact us to get a white glove audit from the leading security experts in the field. Give your users confidence that your code has achieved the Quantstamp security standard.
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Quanstamp Verified
Get a permanent, publicly verifiable security record that lives forever on Ethereum. Add the value of trust to your smart contract project.

Our reports offer a comprehensive look into the health of a Smart Contract. Audits that pass our standards can then be given a public facing Security Certificate. View a Security Certificate

Security audits are mission critical. We’ve secured over $500M+ through audits. Quantstamp offers industry leading auditing services.

  • We use automated formal verification tools and manual auditing
  • Our experts have amassed over 500 Google Scholar citations
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Notable Satisfied Customers
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Research Partners
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